You are in control

People and Pay Services offer a wide range of HR and Payroll resources and advisory support for the education sector. You are in control; we will build, manage and deliver a service that will allow you to devote your time to other business matters.

You are in control

We will build, manage and deliver  a service that will allow you to devote your time to other business matters. It is vital that school business managers feel they are in control as they are the first point of contact whenever an employee has a query.

The monthly data we provide allows you to easily access all the relevant details of employment, current months’ pay prior to pay day and pay to date.

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We’re excited about the ability to provide our customers with value for money, bespoke services which meet their individual needs.

Robust and accurate payroll systems

We ensure that your employees will be paid, accurately, on time, first time and every time thereafter.  Once we’ve undertaken our comprehensive data clean up exercise, we keep your data secure and maintain its accuracy.

We also provide the information required for statutory returns and ensure that you meet all applicable legislation so that you don’t fall foul of the rules.

Maintaining personal details

 One of the most important tasks to make a new employee feel welcome as a new member of your team is ensuring that all their personal details are accurately captured.

We undertake all the necessary checks regarding qualifications and registration with DfE, whilst confirming their personal details, terms and conditions of service, pay grades and pension status for ongoing contributions and any other personal deductions.

Terms and conditions of service

The application and interpretation of national and local terms and conditions can be a minefield, but we can advise you to ensure it is accurate and correctly applied.  We give you peace of mind by supplying appropriate templates for contracts and letters, including all the most up to date employment legislation and local and national agreements.

We believe this gives you the control to issue letters and contracts of employment to new employees and existing employees in the legal time frame allowed.

Teachers' salaries and statements

Our team is perfectly placed to offer advice and guidance in relation to teachers’ salaries, taking account of the recent changes to the School Teachers Pay and Conditions document which gives schools more control in relation to performance related pay.

We provide statutory Annual Salary Statements for Teachers every year in October and when necessary if a teacher’s annual salary value increases.

In respect of maintained schools, we complete the Monthly Data Collection exercise as required by the Teachers’ Pension Agency to the appropriate local authority, and in the case of academies in the format required for direct submission.

Managing your establishment profile

 We make it easier for you to monitor and maintain your establishment profile with the provision of live accurate data each month.  You will have your very own dashboard of establishment data, with budget projections, salary costs, including on costs and proactive alerts to contractual changes and statutory obligations.

This information is of great benefit in assisting you to prepare your termly reports to the governing body and simplify budget preparation and reconciliation.

Sickness and absence policy advice

Sickness and absence records can be difficult to keep a close track on, but with our systems you can easily maintain up to date monthly staff absence records. We include statistical breakdowns which monitor attendance so that you have all the tools you need for effective absence management.

We can also advise on sickness and absence in line with your adopted Absence and Attendance policy, including procedures and assistance with referrals to Occupational Health advisors.  There is a maze of complex information pertaining to statutory sick pay, occupational pay and maternity pay, but we are just a phone call away from handling all this for you.

We will provide you with all the information you need to advise employees of their entitlements, whilst keeping you fully informed of the associated costs of any absence.

It is vital that school business managers feel they are in control as they are the first point of contact whenever an employee has a query.
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