A dedicated, value for money service tailored specifically for you

People and Pay Services has an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding customer care to local schools.

Why choose us?

Our bespoke service is tailored to be flexible, responsive and specific to your needs. We have identified that this is a key driver for schools which decide to appoint an independent, professional HR business partner. It’s precisely why many schools are turning to us for HR and Payroll support.

We will build you a dashboard of establishment data and provide you with monthly updates on projected staffing budgets and all the latest news on employment legislation and statutory pay obligations.

Our expertise is in transactional human resources management and this is underpinned by the most up to date knowledge of pay and pension schemes for both teachers and local government employees.  We also have significant experience of tackling and resolving complex conditions of service issues.

Working in close collaboration with schools and business managers, we pride ourselves on ensuring that when you employ people, we get their terms, conditions and pay right: first time and every time. 
Fundamental to that ongoing success is our belief that people matter and with HR and payroll services, one size does not fit all.

How we work with you

Our first step is to deliver an intensive support programme for you in the lead up to transferring your payroll to us. This includes a comprehensive data clean up exercise so that we can iron out any pre-existing inaccuracies or errors. Spending time on correcting data prior to transfer is crucial in ensuring that employees are paid accurately, and it means we won’t have to fix errors later.

We start working with your school and business manager three months in advance of the official transfer date so that our dedicated team can fully analyse and ascertain your school’s individual requirements.

There are no additional or hidden charges for the work we undertake prior to the official transfer date.  We undertake this work to meet our own high standards in respect of customer care and service delivery.
There are no additional or hidden charges for the work we undertake prior to the official transfer date.

Attention to detail

Our service is supported by our strong partnership with Douglass Grange Chartered Accountants who specialise in the provision of finely tuned and highly accurate payroll administration and compliance for schools and academies.

Together we will implement robust systems and controls and effective governance, as well as ensuring you fulfil all your legal and regulatory requirements. We will also alert you to any changes in legislation.

People and Pay Services Ewood Park

The company already works closely with schools and Academies and can also offer advice and guidance on decisions to maximise funding in a changing and challenging economic environment.
People and Pay Services was founded by Sue Bunting who has worked within the education sector during a career spanning 21 years.
Meet the team


Sue’s experience in relationship management, HR and payroll with Lancashire County Council means she is ideally placed to understand and take care of all your payroll and HR requirements .

Sue has also served as a school governor and a Clerk to Governors to a number of school governing bodies which has resulted in  a wealth of knowledge and understanding of school governance.

Her wide ranging experience and commercial acumen is underpinned by private sector roles earlier in her career  in the retail industry working for  an international well known major wholesaler.

This experience provided an excellent grounding and working knowledge in areas such as financial management and customer care.


Doreen has been with People and Pay Services since its inception in 2012 having worked within Education HR and Payroll Services for over 30 years. All of her experience has been gained whilst employed by Lancashire County Council , Doreen has a significant knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Teachers’ Pay and Conditions and is up to date with the ever changing legislation in respect of Pensions, both Teachers and Local Government.

With Doreen’s help to understand the technical jargon and complete necessary forms, employees have benefitted from checks undertaken of their service details, pension estimates and explanations of retirement procedures which allowed them to make informed life changing decisions.

Throughout her many years with LCC Doreen was responsible for the submission of the Teachers’ Annual Service return, understanding the importance to employees of accurate recording and taking a pride in ensuring accuracy. Whilst under her control, Doreen took a personal pride that the annual return or indeed any work undertaken on employees behalf was sent correctly and consistently on time, year on year.

Doreen has also served as a Clerk to Governors to a number of Governing Bodies and this together with the experience gained whilst employed by Lancashire School and Payroll Services has provided her with an extensive working knowledge of school policies and procedures.



Sarah joined People and Pay Services April 2014 having worked successfully within Education HR and Payroll Services for over 25 years.The majority of Sarah’s experience in HR and Payroll has come from her time working for Schools Education Service Lancashire County Council.

Sarah was employed for the six years in a Lancashire High school as a HR Manager, a role which provided a valuable insight and working knowledge of day to day management of school staff, working practices and procedures and implementation of policies. During this time Sarah was a member of the Senior Leadership Team, working at a strategic level, taking the lead in all aspects of staff recruitment, delivering training to staff and responsibility for appraisal and performance management.

During Sarah’s time with LCC she represented the Authority to offer advice to Governors in respect of the appointment of Head teachers and Deputy Head teachers, working pro-actively with both Authority and Diocesan School Advisors to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

Sarah‘s knowledge of pay and conditions of school employees along with a significant knowledge and understanding of recruitment ensured that governors had peace of mind that they would not fall foul of employment legislation during the recruitment process.
Sarah also served as a school governor and Clerk to Governors for a number of Governing Bodies in the East of the County of Lancashire and this together with the experience drawn from her years working for LCC in the HR /Payroll Services and latterly in a Lancashire maintained High School has given Sarah and benefited People and Pay Services Limited with an extensive working knowledge in all aspects of school life and business to offer our customers.

If you would like to know more about streamlining your HR and payroll for a smoother, customer focused service, give us a call today on 01254 445066